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United States: Sex products are mass consumer goods

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In the United States, the consumption of sex products is very large, but which group consumes more, and has little to do with the consumption power of these groups. Take for example the sale of high specification imported mould products in China, it often costs thousands of yuan. The average wage earners can not afford , but  in the United States  the most expensive product is more than two hundred dollars. Basically, anyone can consume it.

American society is dominated by the middle class, so adult products are also consumed by the general public. The reason why the middle and upper classes are willing to consume large quantities of adult goods is that they are more resistant to the way of satisfying sexual desire such as prostitution. On the one hand, it is related to the transmission of STDs or HIV, and on the other hand, it is also related to the sexual attitudes of Americans. If there are no sexual partners, they can use different forms of sexual products to create sexual pleasure.

In the United States, sex shops are very public, It is not like China, often finds itself in a small corner and inconspicuous place. Sex shops in the United States are large in scale, it includes simulation utensil for men and women, sexy lingerie, toys, promoting drugs, lubricant and so on, There are also magazines, which are quite complete. People walk inside, just like visiting a big department store on a commercial street. The store does not need to be packaged in culture or art. In the final analysis, this is the difference in the concept of people's treatment of sex.