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Sexual happiness is actually very simple

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The sexual ability of Aries is revealed

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Men: The Aries man usually maintains his ego based boyhood in terms of sex. His sexual desire is usually very strong. When he asks for something and you refuse, he will feel very disappointing and even angry. He doesn't like to flirt very much, and he hopes to enter the battlefield immediately; Most of Aries men are confident in this area, he is always waiting for your praise. The way he has sex is intense. Maybe you will feel that he is not emotional enough. In order to have a pleasant sex life, it is suggested that you let him be in charge of the main play, and you will be in charge of the second half of the flirtation. You should try to learn him to enjoy "sex", not just cooperation. For a man in Aries, "sex" is interesting, and if you make him feel uninteresting, he is likely to seek satisfaction outside. So you can find some flirtatious sex products to make your sex life more harmonious.

Women: In terms of sex, most women in Aries are passionate. Few of them are sentimental and slow. Dragging trivial men will make her feel impatient. In the sexual scene, still maintain self-confidence and clarity of temperament. The Aries woman is very simple. The "YES" and "NO" are very clear.