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70% of the sex products in all over world come from China ! Smart sex products is already discuss make known on the public

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Anyway,sex products  is relate with sex. According to Chinese habit, these should be secret talk or talk in the room. However, nowadays, sex goods have changed from a very small group of products to a very normal topic for discussion. Nowadays, there are many health products stores, sex goods stores and shopping malls selling sex products, which shows that there should be a wide market for sex goods.

70% of the  sex products in all over world come from China ! Smart sex products is already discuss make known on the public.

Perhaps many people did not expect that 70% of the  sex products in all over world are produced in China; from 2006 to 2011, Compound growth rate of the whole industry is 20%, expected to reach 30% in 2016; the overall market demand is expected to exceed 70 billion yuan in 2015; in the future, more than 100 billion yuan is basically no suspense.

Sex products on the Internet

Perhaps you have found out why we seldom see advertisements for condoms or sex goods on TV. In fact, it is not the agreement of these advertisers, but the Advertising Law. Sexual advertisements are not allowed to be broadcast publicly. The General Administration of Radio, Television, Industry and Commerce and other agencies have repeatedly emphasized this provision.

However, sex goods are not as few people as we imagine. Taobao has done some big data analysis, which shows that one in eight people may have bought sex goods. Obviously, sex goods have a large supply and demand environment. Under the Internet environment, sex products should be said to have been discussed in broad daylight.

Many domestic  brands have launched many Sexual products, and the competition is fierce. As we all know, products and communication occupy the two ends of the enterprise value chain, R&D and brand respectively. Do well at both ends, and everything will  smoothly .  However, although there are hot spots and concerns in the sex goods market, it is also considered to be a huge risk, and investors are watching a lot.

"The subversive nature of the Internet is here. It will rebuild rules and enlarge the status of public opinion. Do a new thing, create a category from scratch, and only in this way can we be as fast and economical as the previous Top category. Otherwise, if we follow the old route, we may not be able to walk away forever. "

But no one can say for sure. If you  thinks it can make money,and  let's do it. We can wait and see whether sex products can be lit by the Internet.