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In the adult products market, female consumers occupy half of the country

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With the continuing boom of adult products market, women consumers have occupied half of the country. What characteristics do they have? This paper elaborates on the following aspects in detail, hoping to help colleagues in controlling the purchase channels, setting up product categories and marketing operations.

People aways have emotions , As a "fairy sister", the female stars can not but follow conventional practice. So, how do they solve their selfish desires after they gradually become "old leftover girls" from "beautiful women"? So, XinMei Lan said, "technology is developed, and sex products are better than men. I usually use the latest! ". Angelina Jolie said, "Every time  go to a city, will have to visit adult stores. It's not embarrassing at all, and  buy a lot of them. Why are these things better than men? from ancient times to the present , the difference in body structure has determined the difference of body sense between men and women. From a scientific point of view, women's desires are higher than men's. If women are compared to "fields",  men compared to "farming cattle", then Only a tired cattle and without broken fields. A survey shows that more than 2/3 of women are not satisfied with sex. Therefore, the auxiliary role of female adult products is indispensable.

The  double increase of consumption consciousness and technology products. Nowadays, women have Get rid of traditional constraints and changed from Housewife to fashionable  Career Women .because The improvement of women's education level, and The acceptance degree of new things has changed. They are more willing to pay for the enjoyment, especially for some smart adult products.

The optimization of consumption channels has made the adult products market blowout erupt. With the maturity of the Internet and the expansion of mobile Internet, More women chose the form of PC or mobile phone purchase. The more developed the area is and the more obvious the phenomenon is. Among the top three are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which account for 20%, 15% and 11% of the total sales respectively. It can be seen from the data that the purchasing rate of urban women is more than half.

The desire for food and sex is part of human nature. After solving the problem of food and clothing, people have no choice but to pursue spiritual and physical enjoyment. How to grasp this huge consumer market? How to make rational development of this industry will be the main strategic point to realize the win-win situation of wealth.