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Out of the misunderstanding of adult products

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When watching animations and Japanese TV shows, have seen the following scene: The male owner came home from work, The wife was wearing a sexy nude apron, Gently said: ” Honey, do you want to eat first, take a bath first or eat me first? " This sentence evokes the desire of many men. Unconsciously, adult products have already entered our lives, but there are still misunderstandings in people's minds.

misunderstanding 1: adult products belong to individual consumer goods, and only a few people will try.

In fact, this problem is also the reason why many entrepreneurs stop in this industry.

Although the Chinese are more traditional and conservative, after years of market economy training and internationalization, more and more consumers have begun to pay attention to such products and formed repeated purchases. Data show that in 2015, the adult products market will exceed 200 billion.

misunderstanding 2: adult products are the product of modern society.

If friends have visited the "Sex Museum", then this issue does not need to be discussed. As a matter of fact, the adult products have existed since ancient times, and they also formed scale in the Tang Dynasty. In fact, the ancients were not as stereotyped as we imagined. Otherwise, the "Ten Loves Sex Toys" in the "Palace Anecdotes" would not have been created.

misunderstanding 3: Buying adult products will be ridiculed and regarded as sinister.

The adult product itself is just an aid, just like the simulation gun used by children to play games, which increases the fun of the game. In fact, many people have learned about its fun after using adult products, and they already see this consumption as the norm.

Misunderstanding 4: Adult sex toys are similar, so choose a better product when you buy.

To be sure, any product has good or bad points, and sex toys are the same. In particular, this kind of product belongs to skin-friendly products, so don't be tempted to choose cheap, you must choose a regular business, good quality products can bring healthy enjoyment to the body.

In short, the understanding of adult products, both consumers and businesses have a lot of deficiencies. It is believed that with the continuation of time, the adult products industry will reach a new height.