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There are four things you need to do to protect the prostate

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Prostate problems are no longer the patent of middle-aged and old people. More and more young people begin to suffer from prostate problems. Prostate diseases also show a younger trend. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the prostate in peacetime. Let's take a look at the four points to protect the prostate!

To protect the prostate, we must do these four things.

One is to adjust the mood. Bad emotions have a great impact on people's health, and many male diseases are caused by this. Maintaining a good and optimistic state of mind is good for preventing and treating diseases. 

The second is to regulate the diet. Overeating and eating preferences can damage your health. Reasonable diet, understanding dietary taboos, and careful use of supplements are the way to stay healthy.

The third is moderation. Physical and mental work should be moderate, sexual life should be moderate, and moderate physical exercise should be exercised to maintain male physical strength and prevent disease intrusion.

The fourth is to eliminate bad habits. Do not smoke, drink less, do not stay up late.

In fact, the high incidence of prostate disease is closely related to the bad habits of modern people.

"The first thing in bad habits is to stay up late." Experts say that after a full day of work, you need a good night's sleep to nurse your body. While you sleep, your body's organs will self-regulate and detoxify. It is best to go to sleep from 10:00 to 12:00 in the evening, because this time to fall asleep, the body toxin can discharge at least 70~80%. And after 12 o'clock to sleep, the detoxification time has passed, the quality of sleep is not high, Even sleeping in the morning is useless.

"The second bad habit is to sit still in front of the computer." Experts say that although there is still debate about how much harm the computer poses to health, it is indeed a conclusion that they do radiate the human body. More importantly, sitting in front of the computer for a long time without moving, drinking less water and holding urine will oppress the reproductive organs and affect their functions.

Besides, drinking and smoking. Alcohol can dilate blood vessels. Toxic substances such as nicotine, tar and nitrosamines in cigarettes not only directly damage prostate tissue, but also interfere with the nervous function of blood vessels and damage blood circulation. It can be said that smoking and alcohol are very harmful to prostate and reproductive organs.

In addition, overeating, irregular sex is also a bad habit.

Experts also pointed out that many young men now like to wear tight pants, which are particularly bad for reproductive organs. "The normal survival temperature of sperm is about 36 degrees Celsius. When wearing tight pants, the local temperature rises, which can easily cause prostatitis and decrease sperm motility."