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Six tips to avoid becoming a fast shooter

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Six tips to avoid becoming a fast shooter, make you more durable, almost all men want to make themselves more durable in sex, who wants to be a "fast shooter "? However, the facts are often not satisfactory,for many reasons, many men are still not in the best shape. this requires learning some tips that will help you improve your sexuality. The following 6 personality skills can help you improve your sexual control and let you show your male glory.

1, keep exercising.and reasonable diet.

Sexual ability can actually be exercised. Sex is a job that requires physical exertion. So for those who have better constitution, they will persist longer.Therefore, sticking to exercise and paying attention to a nutritious diet can give us a healthy body. At the same time, we can also do some muscle exercises, such as intermittent cessation of ejection during urination, and continue to urinate after counting 10 times. In addition, you can also strenuously contract the penile muscles while working or driving to improve control ability. If you persist for a long time, you will see the effect.

2, choose some more effortless sex position 

There are many kinds of  sex position, and everyone has one that they love. For men who do not have lasting sex, they can choose some more labor-saving sex position that can relax their muscles and make them better able to control their ejaculation desire, for example, spoons sex position, woman on top, sitting position, etc, can effectively extend the sex time.

3, occasionally think about other things in sex

Full devotion will enable us to enjoy the pleasure of sex. But this is not a good thing for men. The key to lasting sex is to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. The glans is the male's first sexual sensitive area, and the final ejaculation is due to the intense stimulation of the glans. If you can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, ejaculation will be delayed. But when sex is very invested, the mind will be concentrated on the glans. Men even have the feeling that all of their bodies enter the female body. At this time, if you can think about other things, you will temporarily relieve the urge to ejaculate.

4, free to control the emotions before ejaculation

Men who can't control themselves in sexual intercourse are often not easy to last. Therefore, men should learn to control the emotions before ejaculation freely. Before the arrival of the climax, you can immediately realize and stop the action in time, keep still for 30-60 seconds, and take a breath. This helps the parasympathetic nerves to excite, significantly reducing the sexual stimulation, so that men do not reach the climax so quickly.

5, with the help of sex products.

For some men, it is hard to be more persistent in sex. But now a lot of interest products have been produced, which can help us solve this problem. For this reason, if men really can't last, then you can use the sex toys. Some high-quality sex toys can make men more durable and make women more happy.

6, set of two or three condoms extended time

The principle of this method is to reduce sensitivity. Wearing condoms to reduce sensitivity means using two or even multiple condoms to reduce genital irritation. Although many men don't like to use condoms, from the perspective of safe and considerate women, you'd better use them. Moreover, if you are always short of endurance, you should use it more. Putting on two or three condoms can be more effective in contraception, and it can also effectively reduce the stimulation of the genitals by friction and prolong your duration. Reminder: If you want sex more lasting, you can also try long-lasting condoms, such as Durex Extreme Lasting Condom. The end of the product contains benzocaine, which effectively prolongs the male orgasm time and makes the pleasure last longer.