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Types of male condoms

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Condom size:According to the diameter size of condoms sold in China, they can be divided into four types, namely large size (diameter 35 mm). Medium size (diameter 33 mm); Small (31 mm in diameter) and extra small (29 mm in diameter). The more common use is medium size.

Condom thickness:With the improvement of rubber quality and production process, the thickness of condoms has become thinner and thinner, while its elasticity and firmness have increased. According to the thickness, the condom can be divided into a common type (thickness 0.04 to 0.06 mm), an ultra-thin type (thickness 0.03 mm), and a thin type (thickness between the first two), the ultra-thin model is a high-grade transparent condom commonly used in China.

The appearance of the condom: there are all kinds of different.

① Ordinary type, It is a latex rubber sleeve with a small capsule for storage at the top, and the body is smooth.

②special-shaped, There are 1 to 4 narrow segments in the body of the condom.

③Corrugated type,The body of the condom is made of multiple layers of corrugations or flowers.

④Granular type,The surface of the condom is uniformly coated with latex particles. In the process of production, spices can be added to give it a light smell of flowers; If match with antiphlogistic medicine or sexual excitement tardy agent, can develop the purpose of antiphlogistic, delay sexual intercourse.

Users can choose different types and appearances of condoms according to the specific conditions of themselves and their sexual partners, which can improve the quality of sexual life and ensure the effect of contraception.