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Liaoning TV's Spring Festival Gala, Liu Yan's "Nurse Costume" plays a short sketch

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Recently, at the scene recorded by Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening, Football Baby, the most beautiful sports anchor in the mainland, Liu Yan wore a small nurse to plays a sketch, playing uniforms temptation.

NetEase entertainment reported that on the evening of January 17, 2013, Liu Yan's partner Jiang Kun recorded the Liaoning satellite TV Spring Festival Gala. On the spot, Liu Yan also wore a mini short play to play a small nurse. Very sexy and tempting. This time, Liu Yan didn't show his chest again, but dressed as a miniskirt nurse, exposing her thigh. When the photos of the legs appeared in the media, the stimulated netizens began a new joke: The call from the bottom of my heart: If there are such nurses in the ward, it is estimated that the male patients will shoot a mess, the condition will only aggravate. Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley 8: Who has seen the mini skirt worn by nurses in that hospital? Fuzhou netizens: What stars? Don't tarnish the clothes of the angels? Are nurses equipped with no pants? Silent footprints: Where is this sketch on? This is clearly shooting av!! The pants are gone! ...... In fact, Liu Yan's nurse clothing is specially designed for entertainment purposes. Netizens pay special attention to this and find the highlights of this sketch.

For local TV sketches, there will certainly be no CCTV Spring Festival Gala so demanding, so there is such a large-scale space for Liu Yan to engage in gossip. Liu Yan was concerned by netizens. In fact, he was successful in entertainment experiments. Whether it is praise or derogation, it has achieved the expected entertainment design.

From the point of view of netizens, is Liu Yan's dress too exciting? In fact, in today's taste-heavy era, many viewers are really excited about such gossip behavior as Liu Yan. Naturally, this nurse's costume belongs to entertainment, which should not be wrapped up with the authentic nurses.

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