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Charging G-point double-vibration silicone AV vibrator

Product Name: USB charging type female AV flirting masturbation vibrator sex toy

Color: green, pink

Size: Maximum diameter: 38MM Length: 240MM


support hotline:0769-81806293

Product description:


Comfortable and shocking, the surface is made of medical environmentally friendly silicone, which makes you feel more human skin, so you can't put it down. Features

Full waterproof function 16 kinds of vibration frequency, each frequency has 3 speed options: fast, medium and slow. Use 2026 rechargeable lithium battery (factory configured).


This product has unique shape, exquisite design and vibration function. It can simultaneously massage sensitive areas inside and outside the woman's vagina, giving women multiple stimulations, so that they can reach orgasm quickly. It has a good therapeutic effect on treating female coldness and lack of orgasm. .16 kinds of vibration frequency, adjustable speed, can be used repeatedly for a long time, is the first choice for modern female masturbation and sexual function rehabilitation treatment, and is also the best baby for male and female love! ! !

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