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10-speed pointed long bullet vibrator

roduct Name: 10 speed pointed long bullet vibrator

Features: Surface feel oil treatment, 100% waterproof, excellent mute effect, not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid that it is not better than the goods. Color: pink, green

Size: Maximum diameter: 17mm Length: 82mm


support hotline:0769-81806293

Product description:

Function: Full waterproof function 10 frequency vibration frequency (replaceable); Use 1 8th battery (factory equipped).

Efficacy: Using the ultra-high vibration frequency, it can quickly stimulate the woman's most sensitive clitoris part, so that she can reach the feeling of numbness in the shortest time. Just put this small egg into the hole to ensure that she is suddenly weak. The whole body spreads softly into the extremely high realm of wanting to die.

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