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8-word magic ring


Product Name: 8 word magic ring

Color: black, pink, red, blue, milky white

Size: Maximum diameter: 50mm Length: 100mm

Features: You can change a variety of frequency Zhenguao at will, TPE health and environmental soft plastic material makes you feel more human skin feeling, so you can't put it down.



support hotline:0769-81806293

Product description:

Function: Full waterproof function Single frequency vibration frequency (replaceable); Use 3 LR44 button batteries (factory equipped).

Efficacy: This instrument is based on the principle of medical bionics, through the selection of massage, vibration and other multi-functional stimulating sensitive areas, regulating endocrine, male impotence, premature ejaculation, female sexual coldness, lack of orgasm or sexual excitement can get moderately organized In order to achieve a physiological balance, the ultimate goal is to improve sexual function and absorb pleasure.

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