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Clitoris clip

Product Name: Milk clip, clitoral clip

Color: silver

Size: total length of product: 46cm

The biggest feature of this product: It can adjust the tightness of the fixed product by itself. It can be realized from the ordinary “clamping” to the strong “biting”, which makes the pleasure, pain and beauty coexist.


support hotline:0769-81806293

Product description:

Function and effect: Cute male and female fun playthings, metal multi-function clip, it can be used as a milk clip, clitoris clip, can also be used as a labia clip, a link of the middle manganese steel chain, can pull and pull. Add color to the house, set off your infinite passion for the other half, often do new things. In addition, it has a good effect on the coldness of the sex and the shrinkage of the milk clitoris.

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